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These websites are owned and maintained by Vic Berecz, and are solely his responsibility.
Berecz-Luhrs Family History

A website documenting the ancestors of Vic Berecz and
Joan Luhrs, also including several collateral lines.
Hungarian Genealogy Tutorial

A tutorial to help Americans learn about their 19th century
ancestors in historic Hungary. Not updated since 2013.
In Shades of Gray

An archive of my 2009-13 Personal Editorial Page,
hopefully presenting a rational voice for moderation and civility.

These websites are owned by other organizations. Each is responsible for its content.
They are maintained by Vic Berecz as a voluntary service.

Strandview Tower Condo

The Strandview Tower Condo Assn website has
been removed by direction of the STCA BoD.
Norwalk HS Class of '57

A website with news and information about the
Norwalk (CT) High School, Class of 1957.
Stratfield Falls Condo

The website of the Stratfield Falls Unit Owners'
Association of Fairfield, Connecticut.

Vic Berecz assisted with the start-up of these independent websites.
He has no on-going responsibility for their content or maintenance.
Luhrs Family Associations

This website documents the genealogy of several Luhrs families
originating in northern Germany. Our family is not up-to-date here.
Trader Fred's Toys of Yore

This is the commercial website of my brother's business:
Trader Fred's Toys of Yore of Thetford Center, VT.

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