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This website provides information about Vic Berecz' ancestors in historic Hungary and Joan Luhrs' German ancestors. We have also included a few Collateral Lines found in our 13,000+ person family database. We intend that no living persons are identified here without their permission. If a living person is inadvertently identified, please let us know and we will gladly correct the oversight.

US Flag We are proud Americans. As with most Americans, our ancestors came to these shores relatively recently. In our immediate families, the immigration took place in the first quarter of the 20th century. So, all eight of our grandparents were born in Europe. We've chosen to make each of those grandparents a starting-point in one of the eight sets of web pages that document our direct-line ancestors. These Detailed Ancestry Pages include photographs where available, complete sets of notes, and identify readily accessible sources. A few collateral lines (relatives by marriage) are also handled in this manner. We also provide other types of resources: indented Descendants' Lists, Research Reports, Photo Galleries, one-page Featured Family Members bios, and in-depth multi-generational SpotLite™ Presentations. Just for fun, I've also begun adding My Take On It mini-rants. Enjoy.

... and celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

Indented Descendants' Lists are available below (red icons) for portions of our family database where significant information is available that is not shown in the direct-line ancestries. Most of these lists provide names and birth/death dates where available, plus an index for ease of access. Lists labeled Family (rather than a specific individual) indicate that the people listed for Generation 2 may or may not be siblings, but are likely all related since they bear the same surname and lived in close proximity to each other at the time of the first written records. Those lists marked E-4 use an extended 4-line per person format that add marriage and location information when available. The Research Reports available below (green icons) were authored by Vic Berecz, and deal with specific important topics related to our family's history. Photo Galleries (yellow icons) provide interactive viewing of groups of photos related to family lines or themes. There are two SpotLite™ Presentations (purple icons) which represent an experimental approach to presenting in-depth information about a part of our family over roughly a half-century era. Finally, Featured Family Members (found in the box just below this introduction) are one-page, largely pictorial biographies of family members whose lives and/or deaths are particularly interesting, or teach an important life-lesson. Beside them are My Take on some current issues.

All these materials are copyrighted, and while many of them can be downloaded in PDF format, these may not be used for any commercial purpose without permission. Requests for GEDcom Files corresponding to either Direct Ancestry Pages or Descendants' Lists should be sent to the authors' e-mail address below. We welcome communication via e-mail with corrections, additional information, and/or questions. Write us at: or

Thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoy our website. Vic and Joan

Our Featured Family Member concept highlights family members who, for various diverse reasons, really ought to be remembered. These write-ups are 1-page heavily pictorial bios accessible below. Vic & Joan

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In my dotage, I often get pissst about something going on in this crazy world around us. I deal with it by writing a one-pager describing my take on the issue. If you're bored, you may want to look over these mini-rants. Vic

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If you'd like to learn more about finding your ancestors in historic Hungary, Vic has prepared a Hungarian Fmaily History Tutorial. It includes many document examples and language-translation helps, but we recommend starting with the tutorial's Frequently Asked Questions. Click below:
Hungarian Family History Tutorial FAQs.
Vic maintained an opinion website called In Shades of Gray until 2013. It featured short essays on a number of topics including government, politics, and religion. If you're interested in perusing these, click below to access the archive:
In Shades of Gray Archive.

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