Vic Berecz and Joan Luhrs some years before their marriage ...
Berecz-Luhrs FAMILY HISTORY on the Web

Here you'll find info on Vic Berecz' ancestors in historic Hungary and Joan Luhrs' German ancestors.
We've also included several Collateral Lines found in our 14,000+ person database.

US Flag We are proud Americans. As with most Americans, our ancestors came to these shores relatively recently. In our immediate families, the immigration took place in the first quarter of the 20th century. So, all eight of our grandparents were born in Europe. We've chosen to make each of those grandparents a starting-point in one of the eight sets of web pages that document our direct-line ancestors. These Detailed Ancestry Pages include photographs where available, complete sets of notes, and most identify readily accessible sources. These pages are accessible by clicking on the blue icons below. Several collateral lines (mostly ancestors of our grandchildren) are also handled in this manner.

... and celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.

In addition, indented Descendants' Lists are available (red icons) for many family lines in our database. These lists, which are grouped by country of origin, provide vital data about each individual, and a one-click index for ease of access. Most of the icons include the number of generations and the principal surnames found in the list. Several Hungarian lists are labeled Family. These begin with an artificial "Progenitor" or an actual person; but, the people listed for Generation 2 may or may not be siblings. We believe they are likely all related ... siblings or cousins ... who had the same surname and lived in close proximity to each other when the earliest written records were produced. Specific information is provided in the database.

Research Reports (green icons), authored by Vic Berecz, deal with specific important topics related to our family's history. Photo Galleries (yellow icons) provide interactive viewing of groups of photos related to family lines or themes. There are two SpotLite™ Presentations (purple icons) which represent an experimental approach to presenting in-depth information about a part of our family over roughly a half-century era. These presentations are intended for viewing on a standard high-definition display (1920x1080). Finally, Modified Registers for selected family lines and one-page bios of Featured Family Members are available in the boxes just below these introductory paragraphs.

We do not intend to provide information concerning living persons without their permission. If you are inadvertently included and wish information to be removed, please let us know. We will gladly correct the oversight. All the materials presented in this website are copyrighted, and while you may download material in PDF or other formats, those files may not be used for any commercial purpose without our permission. We welcome communication via e-mail with corrections, additional information, requests for GEDcom Files, etc. Write us at: or See the UPDATE LIST at the bottom of this homepage for the latest changes to this website.

Thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoy our website. Vic and Joan

Modified Registers (MRs) are the standard genealogical format for a detailed narrative family history. Here we provide MRs of family lines, selected for their broad scopes, in the form of PDF files.

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Our Featured Family Member concept highlights, in one-page pictorial write-ups, people whose lives are particularly interesting or which teach an important life-lesson.

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Descendants' Lists Detailed Ancestry Pages Research Reports

Photo Galleries of
Family Groups and Themes

Family Spotlight on a Significant Era

These are not normal web pages ... rather they are
presentations designed expressly for viewing on 1920x1080 displays.

If you'd like to learn more about finding your ancestors in historic Hungary, Vic has prepared a Hungarian Family History Tutorial. It includes many document examples and language-translation helps, but we recommend starting with the tutorial's Frequently Asked Questions. Click below:
Hungarian Family History Tutorial.
In 2017, due to the success of the one-page format of Featured Family Members, Vic decided to express his opinions on a variety of topics in one-page OP-ED-like pieces and make them available here for those who are interested. He calls them: My Take on It:

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Vic maintained an opinion website called In Shades of Gray until 2013. It featured short essays on a number of topics including government, politics, and religion. If you're interested in perusing these, click below to access the:
In Shades of Gray Archive.

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