This tutorial is aimed at Americans searching for information about their ancestors in historic Hungary. During the three decades beginning in the mid-1880's, there was a massive emigration from Hungary to the United States. In that pre-World War I era, Hungary was a large, multi-ethnic nation which covered much of what we now call central Europe. Therefore, most Americans with Hungarian (Magyar), Slovak, and Croatian forebears ... plus many with Romanian, German, Serb, Rusyn, and Slovenian Vend ancestry are descendants of these immigrants, all of whom entered the US traveling with a passport issued by the Kingdom of Hungary. Usually people seeking information about their ancestors have a pretty good idea of their family's history here in the U.S. So, they're looking for their "roots in the old country." This means they usually work backward from the time of their ancestors' immigration. The tutorial is intended primarily to support those efforts.
Family History Tutorial
for Historic Hungary.

Historic (pre-WWI) Hungary

The four sections of the tutorial are:
1) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) -- which is a good place to get started;
2) An annotated bibliography of useful Resources; both printed and on-line;
3) Background information on pre-WWI Hungary, primarily focusing on language issues;
4) Examples of nine types of Documents you will encounter when searching for your ancestors.

Access each of these four main sections by clicking on the appropriate "red dot" button as seen below. I strongly recommend you read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) first.

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Go to Frequently Asked Questions. Go to Bibliographical Resources. Go to Background Information incl Language. Go to Document Examples.

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Status of this Tutorial: In 2013, I decided to stop work on this tutorial because the improvements being made to the Family History Library's www.familysearch.org website were far outpacing anything that I could accomplish as a single individual. What you see here is my work until that time. No further changes or improvements will be made. But, I believe two parts of this tutorial are quite unique and of lasting value ... the FAQ's and the Documents sections. For that reason, I continue to keep the tutorial posted.

2019 Note: In the years since I stopped working on this tutorial, the LDS Hungarian church microfilms have become available on-line at FamilySearch.org and both that and the Ellis Island immigration website have changed considerably. So, the portions of this tutorial dealing with these two websites are largely no longer applicable.

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