Time's short! Do it now! There's no overtime in the game of life!
Being open to compromise
leads to incremental progress.

There is no silver bullet. Vic Berecz
In Shades of Gray
by Vic Berecz ... a Voice for Moderation

I'm convinced that there is little black-or-white in this world. We all deal regularly with many issues in shades-of-gray, hence the title of this personal editorial page which I produce for my own pleasure, and in the vague and probably unrealistic hope that it will do some good by raising the level of civil discourse, especially as related to politics, religion, and economics. Maybe, by discussing our problems, identifying appropriate compromises, advocating the implementation of step-wise improvements, we can leave this earth a better place than we found it.

As you read this website, remember that most of it represents my personal opinions and observations. No offense is intended. If you feel (or are) offended, my suggestion is ... just chill. Thanks for visiting ... and keep smiling. Vic.

A Proud American

US Flag

paying taxes willingly
for the privilege of living
in this great country!

Vic and Joan 50th Anniversary

Vic and Joan celebrating their 50th
wedding anniversary on Cumberland Island, GA.

I've been writing this website for over three years now, and finding that
a) it's hard to find new themes that I'm passionate about;
b) it's even harder to avoid being overly preachy; and
c) I don't have enough time left over for things I'd rather be doing.

So, I've decided to suspend preparation of new material for this website. The site itself will remain in place so anyone interested in the topics of my earlier writings can still access them through Google searches, etc. as well as the Archived of Postings below.

I'd like to leave you with the six challenging thoughts that I used as my thesis in discussing moderation:
... we all should pay taxes willingly
... immigration should be encouraged
... change happens, we must learn to live with it
... we’ve given up any expectation of privacy
... compromise is essential to progress
... it does “take a village.”

Vic Berecz
26 Feb 2013

We don't all age gracefully!

I guess we don't all age gracefully



This OpEd piece summarizes my political philosophy.
Click below to read:

The Case for Moderation

by Vic Berecz ... reprinted from the Island Sand Paper of April 16, 2010.

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