15 Feb 1903 Marriage Record Recorded in Battyánd, Vas m.

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Format: two-pages per marriage.
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Content of Original Format Civil Marriage Record.

  • TOP MATERIAL -- At the top of the form is the page number and the date and place the marriage intentions are being recorded -- in this case, the town of Battyánd on 15 Feb 1903. The registrar is also identified.
  • 1. THE GROOM -- völegény -- the first grouping of information is about the groom. The information required is his name; religion; position or occupation; place of residence; place and date of birth. Again we see the attest, "I know him personally." Following this is the name, occupation, and place of residence of the father of the groom, and then for the mother of the groom. Click to See Note.
  • 2. THE BRIDE -- menyasszony -- the second grouping of information is about the bride and requires the same information as for the groom. Since there is nothing new here, I will not discuss the bride's information further.
  • 3. and 4. THE WITNESSES -- tanuk the plural of tanu -- The name, occupation, place of residence, and age of each of the two witnesses was recorded here. Click to See Note.
  • BOTTOM MATERIAL -- following the usual place for comments, etc., the record is signed by the registrar (twice) and also by the participants -- the witnesses, the husband (férj), and the wife (feleség). Note that they sign as husband and wife ... legally the marriage has been accomplished. The fact that the participants must sign this document themselves is very significant for researchers like us 100+ years later. We get to find out if our ancestors were literate ... at least sufficiently to sign their own name. Click to See Note.