1910 Birth Records Recorded in Budapest.

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Format: 5 or 6 births per double page.
Preview of 1910 Civil Birth Record.
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Content of Compact Format Civil Birth Records.

  • Column 1 -- Sequential Record Number.
  • Column 2 -- Date the Birth was Recorded.
  • Column 3 -- Date of Birth of the Child.
  • Column 4 -- Child's Information: given name, sex, and religious confession. Click to See Note.
  • Column 5 -- Basic Parent Information: the father's name and occupation, the mother's name, and their address. Since this record is from a densely populated area of Pest (mostly apartment buildings), the addresses are all street addresses.
  • Column 6 -- Parent's Religion. Click to See Note.
  • Column 7 -- Parent's Ages: the age in years of each parent.
  • Column 8 -- Location of Birth, if the mother was not at home. Not used on this page.
  • Column 9 -- The Signatures of the person making the report, and of the registrar.
  • Column 10 -- Updates/Corrections Incorporated Subsequently. Often this column references subsequent deaths, particularly of young children, but I've seen additions made decades later, as well as a variety of notes. This column is worth paying attention to.