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Dr. Leo S. LOOMIE, Jr. (1916-2003)
Edward R. LOOMIE, Esq. (1918-2007)
Rev. Dr. Albert J. LOOMIE, S.J. (1922-2002)

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Loomie Family in 1925 w/ Loonie Parents
The Loomie-Murphy Family in 1925
... and the brothers' paternal grandparents ... at left, builder P.J. Loonie and at right his wife Anna Foley.
Loomie Brothers in 1927

Loomie Brothers in 1927
Leo, Al, and Ed.
Loomie Brothers in 2000

Loomie Brothers in 2000
Leo, Al, and Ed.
Loomie Brothers in 1949

Loomie Brothers in 1949
Ed, Al, and Leo.

The Loomie-Murphy family are ancestors of our daughter-in-law. This Irish family came to the U.S. in the mid-19th century. Their original name, LOONIE, was changed to Loomie and Lonnie in recent generations. To date, only minimal attempts (relating to the Foley line) have been made to trace the family history in Ireland. Mother, Loretta Murphy, was a strong woman who decreed that her three sons would grow up to be a doctor, a lawyer, and a priest. They did!
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A Martyr of the Civil War.
A man who lived life big.

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