Ancestors of Dolce Maria GONZALEZ (1892-1921)

Dolce Gonzalez in 1907
Dolce Maria Gonzalez in 1907,
photo for her quinceañera celebration.

The Gonzalez-Moré Family are Berecz relatives by marriage. The bulk of the Moré ancestry was researched by us, using the Roman Catholic church records of Tossa, Spain and Santa Marta, Colombia. In earlier versions of this website, there was a serious error in 19th century family connections in Cuba. This error was probably passed down to us in family lore due to the prominence of José Eugenio, Conde Moré (1808-1890), and the fact that there were several José Eugenio's in the extended family. The problem was brought to our attention by a member of the de Ajuria family, confirming that in fact, Conde Moré had no children. Through the assistance of a Moré family member, the situation has been corrected in this 2011 update of the Moré ancestry. For further detail on the corrected Moré family tree, see the 10-generation Descendant List for Jaume Moré (born c1580) and read the updated Research Report titled: Three Generations of Moré and Pujals.


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