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Ancestors of Alphonsus Dubocq Croxall, III (1921-2017)

Editor's note: The choice of Al Croxall as the starting point of this ancestry is quite arbitrary, dozens of his cousins could have served the same purpose. Since he and I worked for the same corporation most of our careers, and because he passed away recently, choosing him seemed appropriate.

The Croxall Family
... are distant cousins of our daughter-in-law. Much of the family has lived in New Albany, Indiana and environs for two centuries. As a result of the Croxall-Dubocq marriage in 1820, we find here a large part of our 17th and 18th century French ancestry (Dubocq and Trochon). For further information on these families, read the:Research Report on:

Modified Registers
... show, in narrative form, the full content of a genealogical database for the descendants of an individual. Click below for 8 generations of Pierre Trochon descendants.

During Colonial Times
... the Croxall ancestry takes us back to James Croxall and his wife Joanna Carroll who were early settlers of Maryland. The Croxall and Carroll families were important planters, merchants, and politicians in colonial Maryland ... with even a signer of the Declaration of Independence. For a more comprehensive listing of the Indiana Croxalls of 19th and 20th centuries, check-out the Descendants List of:

Madame Dubocq and her Four Children
1807 painting by James Peale (1749-1831)
from permanent collection of the Speed Art Museum of Louisville.

James Croxall of Baltimore married Aglať Dubocq (2nd from right) in Louisville in 1820.

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