Property Ownership Documents

1909 Property Appraisal.

Format: One-page Manuscript Appraisal Report.

Preview of 1909 Property Appraisal.
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This Official Appraisal Report established the value of the Outer Plum Orchard at 1400 Korona. That value was the basis used for the property transaction in the U.S. described below. For a brief description of the Appraisal Report Click to See Note.

1910 Ownership Transfer in Molnár Family
Executed in the U.S.

This Sale-Purchase Contract was executed by three brothers who had inherited a plum orchard in Alsönovaj from their late father. Two of the brothers sold their share to the third. All three were living at the time in central Pennsylvania. See note for further information about Eleonora, PA. Click to See Note.

The contract was notarized (twice!) and then registered with the Hungarian consulate in New York City. Presumably, it was the obligation of the consulate to inform the local authorities back in Hungary to note the transaction in their property records.

Format: Two-sided printed form, with second notarization attached.
See note below for thoughts on the form itself.

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Preview of 1910 Sale/Purchase Contract.
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Description of Contract Document.

Front of Document
  • Top Material. The sellers are identified as István and János Molnár, and the buyer as András Molnár all of Eleonora, Pennsylvania, America.
  • Item 1 describes the property and terms of sale. "The above-named sellers agree to the final and irreversable sale of the property known as the Outer Plum Orchard. The ownership is recorded as entry number 179 in the Alsónovaj property register and property is identified as number 65 on the topographical survey, which was registered under the name of their late father, János Molnár, and they as heirs each decided to sell their 1/3 share of the property for 467 Korona, as previously agreed, to their brother András Molnár of Eleonora, PA."
  • Item 2 states that the buyer agrees to take over the property, and acknowledges that fact by signing this contract.
  • Item 3 states that the buyer from this day takes possession of the purchased property, and enjoys all the benefits and obligations of ownership, including payment of taxes set by the village.
  • Item 4 states that the sellers inform the buyer that he may take possession of the property without any further questions.
  • Item 5 concerns registration of the sale if the exact property number is unknown, and is not applicable here.
  • Bottom Material -- the hand-written statement reads: "Sellers acknowledge to have received the amount of the stated price with their signature on this contract." The printed material then states that the signatures of both parties ratifies the contract at "Eleonora, PA on May 4, 1910." Below are the signatures of two witnesses, of the two sellers, and of the buyer.

Back of Document

  • Hungarian Language Notary Statement -- on upper-half of reverse of document was crossed-out and not used.
  • English Language Notary Statement -- self-explanatory statement dated May 4, 1910. See photo of English Notary statement found on lower-half of the reverse of the document. A colorless embossed seal of L.H. Reed Justice of the Peace Desire, Penn. is on the document, but only marginally visible in the photo. Apparently, this English-language notarization had to be translated to Hungarian before the document could be filed with the consulate.

Attached Sheet

  • Hungarian Language Notary Statement. John Rizsak, a Hungarian-speaking Notary Public of Passaic, NJ simply attested to the fact that the three Molnár brothers appeared before L.H.Reed, a Justice of the Peace (békebiró) in Desire, PA and signed the sales contract. Basically, he just translated the English to Hungarian so the contract could be accepted by the consulate. His statement was attached to the document by two red notary seals. Below his signature is the lilac hand-stamped form signed by the Imperial and Royal Austro-Hungarian Chief Consul in New York that officially registers the contract on May 10. See Hungarian Notary photo.