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1890 Inheritance Decree

This Court Order specifies the allocation of an inheritance between several heirs. Of particular interest is the handling of heirs who are minors. The protection of the minor's rights may have been the reason a court order was needed in the first place. This inheritance pertains to a property in Alsó-Czécze. Click to See Note.

Format: Carbon Copy of Manuscript Court Order.

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Content of Court Order.

  • Header: submitted (Bead) 11 Nov 1890 and the decree number; then "concerning the estate of Mrs. András Anderkó (born Zsuzsanna Olaj) per distribution decree #1730 of 1890 by the district court of Abauj-Szántó -- A Decree" (Végzés).
  • Body of Decree: The beginning of this paragraph states that this decree of the Abauj-Szántó district court pertains to the half of the property in question (Alsó-Czécze #39) owned by Mrs. Anderkó. Then it specifies the division of that asset as follows:
    • László Czakó 6/24's of the estate
    • Mrs. János Széplaki (born Borbála Czakó) 6/24
    • Mrs. János Molnár (born Zsuzsanna Csai) 2/24
    • the minor Erzsébet Ráski 2/24
    • the minor István Csai 1/24
    • the minor Erzsébet Csai 1/24
    • Mrs. Ferenc Szántó (born Anna Husztek) 2/24
    • the minor János Husztek 2/24
    • the minor István Gál 1/24
    • the minor Klára Gál 1/24
    after the two mortgages (zálogjogot) and fees (illeték) and 6% interest (kamata) are paid.
  • List of Persons Copied: the Royal District Court for the Middle Classes (polgári osztály); the Abauj-Szántó Tax Office (adóhivatal); the Finance Directorate in Kassa; the sub-district office in Alsó-Czécze; the four adult heirs; and the County Orphans and Minors Interests office.
  • Signature: the document was signed and sealed by a district court judge in Abauj-Szántó.