14 Oct 1895 Birth Record Recorded in Battyánd, Vas m.

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Format: one-page per birth.
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Important note: the date at the top and bottom of this record is NOT the birth date, it is the date the birth was recorded.

Content of Original Format Civil Birth Records.

  • TOP MATERIAL -- At the top of the form is simply a page number and the date and place the birth is being recorded -- in this case, the town of Battyánd on 17 Oct 1895.
  • REPORTED BY -- The next item is the name and position of the person making the report; in this case it is "the widow Mrs. John Vralanits born Ilona Frankó" who is the community midwife. ["bába" = midwife is a good word to remember.] It also tells where the reporter lives, in this case the village of Rónafö. Click to See Note.
  • FATHER'S INFORMATION -- the first grouping of bracketed information is about the "legitimate father". The information required is his name, religion, position or occupation, where he lives, place of birth, and age. Click to See Note.
  • MOTHER'S INFORMATION -- the second grouping of bracketed information requires the same information for the mother. Click to See Note.
  • INFORMATION ABOUT THE BIRTH -- the third bracketed grouping gives the date, place, and time of the birth. Click to See Note.
  • INFORMATION ABOUT THE CHILD -- the final bracketed grouping gives the sex, religious confession, and given name of the child. Click to See Note.
  • BOTTOM MATERIAL -- at the bottom is a place for comments (not used in this example), and information about how the data was received. In this case, the mother could not write, but the midwife (who reported the information) understood her Vendish language and so was able to provide the family data. Finally, the record is signed by the registrar (twice) and by the person who reported the information, and it is officially stamped.