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Ancestors of Clark Woodrow WILSON (1916-1997)

Clark W. Wilson -- 1924

Clark W. Wilson
in school in 1924.
The Wilson's with their sons, 1917

Abraham R. Wilson and Bessie Walker
with their three sons in 1917, shorty before
Abe died in the influenza pandemic of 1918.
Bessie Walker and Lewis Spangler, 1946

Bessie Walker with second husband
Lewis C. Spangler in 1946.

Most of this ancestry of the Wilson and Walker families, who for generations were prominent citizens of the Shanksville, PA area, was not prepared by us. Rather, the early history of the Walker (originally Wacker) family was prepared by the late Charles J. Walker and published on the Internet in 1999. It includes considerable original research in Württemberg, Germany, and in the United States in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. The Wilson genealogy, and the more recent parts of the Walker genealogy were prepared by a living family member who is a competent amateur genealogist. We verified some of their findings, and added bits-and-pieces from other sources. These families are ancestors of our son-in-law.
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