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Ancestors of Dr. Tünde Margit Wehli (1943-2019)

Károly Wehli and Mária Heszlényi in 1890
with oldest son Rudolph.

Dr. Tünde Margit Wehli in 1999.

Andor Wehli in 1999.
The Wehli family of Bohemia, Austria, and Hungary are relatives by marriage. The information for the early generations comes from a well-documented on-line family history that begins with the epitaph on the 1729 tombstone (at left) of Rabbi Meir Hershwitz in the old Jewish cemetery of Volynę (Wolin) in southern Bohemia. The family patriarchs of these early generations were highly respected rabbis. When Rabbi Aron Beer Herschwitz moved to Prague in the mid-18th century, he adopted Wehli as the family name … which I believe to be a corruption of the name of his hometown.

Several Wehli families later migrated from Prague to Vienna where some went into government service and converted to Christianity to enhance their professional and political prospects. The best known of these was Baron (Freiherr using the Austrian terminology) August Johann von Wehli (1810-1892), photo at left, who was a university professor, member of the Austrian Parliament, President of the Danube Regulatory Commission, and for a brief period head of the Ministry of the Interior. In 1869-70, he built Vienna's Wehli Palace (at right, now a hotel) as his home. His cousin's son, Karl (Károly) Wehli (1858-1919) was an engineer employed by the Danube Regulatory Commission and did most of his work in Hungary. He married my grandfather's sister ... Mária Heszlényi. Most of their descendants live in Hungary.

For further information on the Wehli family, click below to access a PDF file showing 10 generations of the descendants of Zvi Hersch (Wehli) or one of our Featured Family Member one-pagers on Dr. Tünde Wehli.

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