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Ancestors of Felix Jorge RIERA (1887-1958)

Felix Riera - 1916

Felix Riera in 1916 with his first wife.
Felix Riera - 1931

Felix Riera in 1931.
Felix Riera - 1938

Felix Riera in 1938 at
his "Finca" named Jurasil.
Felix Riera - 1957

Felix Riera in 1957 at
his Veradero Beach house.

The Riera Family are ancestors of our daughter-in-law. Our research using the Roman Catholic Cathedral records of Ponce, Puerto Rico -- taking us back to the family's origins in Matáro, Spain -- have been part of our family history website for some time. But, in 2011 we've added substantial information for the Dubocq and Trochon family lines originating in France. This work is largely based on much-improved Internet resources, coupled with the civil and Roman Catholic church records of colonial Haiti and US Census records. For considerably more detail on the life and times of William Dubocq (1769-1836) and Marie-Anne Trochon (1773-1848) see Our French Connection below.

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