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Ancestors of Felix Jorge RIERA (1887-1958)

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Felix Riera - 1916

Felix Riera in 1916 with his first wife
Dulce Maria Gonzalez.
Felix Riera - 1931

Felix Riera in 1931 visiting
his daughters on Long Island.
Felix Riera - 1938

Felix Riera in 1938 at
his "Finca" named Jurasil.
Felix Riera - 1945

Felix Riera in 1945 with his
second wife, Conchita Salgado.
Felix Riera - 1957

Felix Riera in 1957 at
his Veradero Beach house.

... are ancestors of our daughter-in-law. We are told the Riera's are an "ancient and noble family of Catalonia" and that the family crest [shown at left] originated in the 13th century. "The most ancient house of the family Riera is located in Anglesola in the judicial district of Cerrera in Sérida. From this house emerged the branch in Iqualada (Barcelona). Another branch was situated in Cardedeu in the Granollers district of Barcelona. There was another branch in La Riera, part of Vendrell (Tarragona)." Several members of the family emigrated from Mataró, a coastal city about 20 miles north of Barcelona, to Puerto Rico in the early 19th century, where most of them settled in the city of Ponce. Some of the men of our family were proud members of the Ponce Fire Brigade which heroically saved the city in 1899 when fire threatened a massive American ammunition dump. Shown at right are members of the fire brigade, including Pelayo Riera (1857-1903) at the lower-left of the group photo, next to the mayor of Ponce, with a recent photo of Pelayo's fire helmet at the far right.

Our Riera ancestors were prominent members of the 19th century Puerto Rican community in Ponce. Click below to read a little bit about the history of that fascinating island.

Modified Registers
... show, in narrative form, the full content of a genealogical database for the descendants of an individual. Click below for 6 generations of Gaspar Riera y Confité descendants, 4 generations of José Benito Perez y Silva descendants, or 8 generations of Pierre Trochon descendants.

For years we wondered about the surname DuBocq found in our Puerto Rican family. In 2011 we finally learned about Our French Connection ... click below to read that Research Report.

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