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Pierce-Edmonds Family Ancestors

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The Pierce-Edmonds Family are relatives by marriage of our son-in-law. Most of this family have lived for several generations in Halifax County of north-central North Carolina. The information found here is largely researched by us, using US Census records, various North Carolina State Archives, and other resources available on the website. We were able to trace several lines of the family's ancestry back to the antebellum period when some were enslaved persons and others were free citizens of color.

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Note: Several living members of this family are shown in these Ancestry Pages (including those pictured below). These living persons have been "privatized" in accordance with standard genealogical practice. This approach was used with the permission ... in fact, encouragement ... of the Pierce-Edmonds family.

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Haywood Dudley Pierce (1925-1982).

Emma Lee Hunt (1929-2013).
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James Olin Edmonds (1927-1986).

Ella Mae Long (private).

Allen Wayne Pierce, Sr. (private).

Brenda Jean Edmonds (private).

Allen Wayne Pierce, Jr. (private).

As we researched this family we found what seemed to us to be an inordinately large number of Free People of Color in the antebellum period. We were able to show that the Ashe, Bowser, Hawkins, Hunt, Scott, Peters, and Harris ancestral lines were free citizens of color in that era ... and probably a couple of others as well. A little Internet research into the general history of these people explained the apparent anomaly. Halifax County was a focal point of a large community of free people of color ... dating back even to colonial times.

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