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Ancestors of Mária Godina (Mary Gojdiná)
Vic's Godina ancestors were Vindish (Windish) people living in the Muravidék (Prekmurje) region of historic Hungary ... now northeastern Slovenia. As with most everything in the area, there were two ways of spelling our family's surnames ... the Hungarian spelling and the Windish (a dialect of Slovenian) spelling. Therefore most official records were in Hungarian -- Godina and Podleszek -- but the people themselves used the Windish spelling -- Gojdiná and Podlescek. My grandmother would insist that there was only one "right way" to spell her maiden name ... GOJDINÁ!

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Mary herself is a Featured Family Member:

Judit Podliszek about 1900

The Godina Brothers in America in 1914
István (at left), and Iván with his wife and baby.

Mary Gojdiná in 1956.

The Godina Sisters in America.

Mary, Sue, and Tessie in 1913.
Wedding photo with Julius Heszlenyi.

Tessie, Sue, Mary in 1950

Mary, Tessie, Sue in 1978
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