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Ancestors of Margarete Berta Gerken

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Joan's Gerken ancestors have lived in the village of Walle at least 400 years ... which is as far back as good written records exist. Therefore, they are related to virtually every one of the old families of Walle. The Gerken men were small farmers who plied other trades ... carpenter, cooper, tailor ... to make ends meet. Joan's great-grandfather, Cord Johann Gerken built a fine new house in Walle in 1892 using an inheritance received from an American brother-in-law. After the marriage of daughter Margarethe to Johann Lührs, that house became the Lührs-Gerken family home as well as the family's smithy and general store. Their descendants still reside there. Joan's Wöbse ancestors lived in Völkersen and other nearby villages. Most were "hauslings" ... landless farm laborers ... though there was a shoemaker and a teacher among them. Her great-great-grandfather Johann Hermann Wöbse was able to purchase land in Völkersen and build a large farmhouse on it in 1845.

The GERKEN and LÜHRS Families
of Walle House #32 in 1905.

Rear: Johanne Marie Gerken, Margarete Berta Gerken and
her husband Johann Hinrich Lührs. Front: Marie Wöbse and
Cord-Johann Gerken with grandsons Henry and John Luhrs.

Margarete Gerken in 1926
The Wöbse house in Völkersen recently.                The Gerken house in Walle in 1938.     

The 1952 50th wedding anniversary celebration of Margarete Gerken and Johann Lührs.


Over the years, there were many marriages between Joan's paternal Lührs and Gerken ancestors who all lived in the Verden area, and likewise between her maternal Brüning and Rotermund ancestors who all lived on the moor northeast of Bremen. But, we never anticipated finding a link between the paternal and maternal sides of her family ... but, a few years ago, we found such a connection. We thank a distant Beckröge cousin for making the detailed facts available to us.

Buried deep in the recesses of Joan's Gerken ancestors are a set of 6xGreat-Grandparents named Johann Dieterich Beckröge and Maria Bischoff (born: Bassen 1716) living in Walle. Deep in the recesses of her Rotermund ancestors are her 5xGreat-Grandparents Arend Mindermann and Marie Bischoff (born: Bassen 1742) living in Dannenberg on the moor. It turns out that Marie is the niece of Maria. Their grandparents/parents are the same couple: Lüder Bischoff (1667-1733) and Maria Block (1679-1750) of Bassen (near Achim). This means that Joan's parents were sixth cousins -- unfortunately, they never knew it because we learned of this only after both of their deaths.

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The relationship between Joan's parents is brought together clearly in the Descendants List and Modified Register of Lüsse Bischoff (born c1630). Click below to view, print, or save these files:

including Mindermann, Rotermund, Brüning, Koster,
Beckröge, Gerken, Lilje, Rencken, Lührs, etc.

Two of Margarete Gerken's relatives are among our Featured Family Members.
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Among our distant Gerken/Beckröge relatives is a man named Jürgen Hinrich Elfers who had a great impact on American history. His murder incited the last of the great Indian Wars of the 19th century. Read my Research Report on his life and death and/or view, save, or print the Elfers Descendant's List:


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