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Ancestors of Johann Brüning
Joan's Brüning and Poppe ancestors were early settlers on the Teufelsmoor near Grasberg, where Brüning cousins have farms to this day. Prior to the 19th century, when spelling became standardized, the Brüning family's surname was usually spelled Brünjes, and occasionally Brünings or Brünies. Prior to settling in Tüschendorf, Johann Brüning's ancestors lived in Neu Sankt Jürgen, near Worpswede, and earlier in Niederendermoor, near Scharmbeck. Our Poppe ancestors came to Tüschendorf from Boitzen, a village halfway between Bremen and Hamburg. It is notable that our Brüning and Poppe lines are related through their mutual Kück ancestors.
The Brüning Family
This ancestry now goes back to Arp Brüning, born about 1510, thanks to the assistance of German genealogist Marie Rencken, whose late husband is a distant relative. The early dates are estimates based on land records; more precise dating began with Scharmbeck Lutheran Church records which are available from 1675.

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The Poppe Family
The male line of the Tüschendorf Poppe family ended with the 1870 death of Johann Poppe (born 1844) at the Battle of Metz, and his father's death two years later. Johann is remembered on the Franco-Prussian War Memorial in Grasberg, shown here.

Brüning-Rotermund Family of Meinershausen in 1916
Johann Brüning (in uniform) with wife Anna Rotermund and mother-in-law Meta Wiechmann
and their children (L-R) Chris, Maria, Meta, Hermann, John, Anna and Mathilde Brüning.

Anna Rotermund and Johann Brüning in 1931

Johann Brüning in 1905

Four Generations of Family Women in 1921
Meta Wiechmann, Anna Rotermund, Meta Brüning, and Tina Ohlrogge

Brüning Sisters in 1924
Maria, Mathilde, Anna

Brüning Sisters in 1937
Meta, Anna, Maria, Mathilde

Brüning Sisters in 1986
Mathilde, Anna, Maria
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