Ancestors of Johann BRÜNING (1872-1937)

The BRÜNING-ROTERMUND Family of Meinershausen in 1916.

Bruning Family in 1916

Johann Brüning (in uniform) with his wife Anna Rotermund and mother-in-law Meta Wiechmann
and their children (L-R) Chris, Maria, Meta, Hermann, John, Anna and Mathilde Brüning.
Bruning Sisters in 1924
Brüning Sisters in 1924: Maria, Mathilde, and Anna.
Bruning Sisters in 1937
Brüning Sisters in 1937: Meta, Anna, Maria, and Mathilde.

BRÜNING -- Our Brüning ancestors, and most of the other families listed here, lived the 19th century in Tüschendorf, on the Teufelsmoor east of Bremen, Germany. They were early settlers there, when the area was developed in the late 18th century. The Poppe and Martens families originated in Boitze, southeast of Hamburg. Most of the others (Brüning, Kück, Schnakenberg, Tietjen, Schriefer, etc.) had lived for generations in the villages bordering the moor on the north and west. These areas were settled earlier than the moor itself. For further information about the Moor, and why it was first settled so recently, read the Research Report titled The Settlement of the Moor.

The Brüning family farm at Meinershausen House #15 has been the home of our Brüning, Rotermund, and Mindermann ancestors for two centuries. The house was built by the original settler, Erert Bollmann, who married Maria Mindermann. In the early years, the principal occupation was cutting peat -- it was about three meters thick in the area -- drying it, and selling it for fuel in Bremen. Later, grain and vegetables were grown, and now most of the farms that remain raise dairy cows, though the area is rapidly becoming a suburb of Bremen.

The male line of our Poppe family ended with the 1870 death of Johann Poppe at the Battle of Metz.
He is remembered on the Franco-Prussian War Memorial in Grasberg, shown above.


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