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Ancestors of Gyözö (Viktor) Berecz

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The surname BERECZ, and its variation BERECZKY, are derived from the name of one of the eastern-most towns of historic Hungary ... Bereczk now Bretçu, Romania ... where our family presumably originated. Many of our Berecz ancestors were Lutheran pastors and teachers in western Hungary. Though they may have had noble roots in medieval Transylvania, the Berecz' of Ság did not flout that distinction until Vic's paternal grandfather came along. Gyözö (Viktor) Berecz is described as an eccentric, pompous, and self-centered man who drank to excess. Thankfully, subsequent generations of Berecz men did not follow in his footsteps. His photos speak for themselves.


Child's Restaurant headwaiter.

Had a liking for off-beat costumes.
25th Anniversary

25th Anniversary commemoration ... without mention of his wife!

U.S. passport for trip to Hungary.

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Berecz-Mátis Family Photos

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including Csajbók, Somogyi,
Zsámboki, and Hanzsér.

including Szekely, Fekete (Nigrini),
Farkas, Pálfi, and Mátis.

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Gábor and Abel Berecz in 1874

1874 - Gábor and Ábel Berecz:
fulfilling their military obligation.
Berecz Family in 1887

1887 - Berecz Family in Ostfyassonyfa:
Zsófia, Gábor Jr, Iza, Gyözö, and headmaster Gábor.
József Berecz in 1890

1890 - József Berecz: retired
Alsóság headmaster.
Ábel Berecz in 1905

1905 - Ábel Berecz: lawyer,
Parliament member.
Berecz Family in 1912

1912 - Berecz Family in New York:
Victor, Gyözö, and Eszter.
Gábor Berecz and Zsófi Mátis 1923

1923 - Gábor Berecz and Zsófi Mátis:
retired in Beled.
Berecz Family in Norwalk 1940

1940 - Berecz Family in Norwalk ...
Vic, Viktor, Esther, Victor, Helen.

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