Stratfield Falls
Unit Owners' Association

Our Original Street Signs

Our Condominium Documents.

n.b. our documents were completely revised 2012-13 to bring them up-to-date and fully compliant with Connecticut law.
Declaration of Condominium ... approved by the owners 29 Aug 2013
with Section 7.3 as amended by owners 11 August 2015
and the addition of Section 11.3 approved by the owners 19 Aug 2016.
Click for Copy of Declaration in PDF Format
Exhibit (Map) ... referenced in Declaration, showing all 10 phases of construction
Click to See Final Map as Filed in 2001.
By-Laws ... approved by the Executive Board 27 Aug 2013
Click for Copy of By-Laws in PDF Format
Rules and Regulations ... approved by the Executive Board 30 Oct 2013 and revised 04 Dec 2013
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Regulations Regarding Awnings Over Decks.

Regulations Regarding Enclosing Screened Porches.

Regulations Regarding Natural Gas Generators.

Endorsed Parking Guidelines (2019).

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