Ancestors of Anna ROTERMUND (1879-1962)

Meta Rotermund in 1900
Meta Rotermund in 1900.
Müller-Rotermund Family in 1915
Meta Rotermund with husband Diedrich Müller in 1915
with their children (L-R)Käthe, Oskar, and Frieda.
Anna Rotermund in 1946
Anna Rotermund in 1946.

The ROTERMUND and WIECHMANN parts of our family were (and many still are) farmers on the moor. One of these, Jacob Rotermund born in Eickedorf in 1791, served with the Duke of Wellington's army which defeated Napoleon at Waterloo on June 18, 1815. He served in the Verden Landwehr Battalion of the army of Hannover -- remember that Great Britain and Hannover had a common ruler at that time. Joan's great-grandmother, Meta Wiechmann, recalled her father-in-law Jacob Rotermund saying that he was one of only three soldiers from his unit to return home alive from Waterloo.

We are very pleased to still possess the medal he was awarded for participation in that battle. It pictures Prince Regent George IV of Great Britain and Hannover and is personally engraved to Jacob with the words "Soldat Jacob Rotermund Landwehr Bat Verden" around the edge. The obverse of that medal is shown below. The reverse proclaims "Hannoverian Gallantry -- Waterloo -- Jun XVIII." For further information concerning the battle and Jacob Rotermund's participation in it, read the Research Report titled The Battle of Waterloo.

Waterloo Medal


Over the years, there were many marriages between Joan's paternal Lührs and Gerken ancestors who all lived in the Verden area, and likewise between her maternal Brüning and Rotermund ancestors who all lived on the moor northeast of Bremen. But, we never anticipated finding a link between the paternal and maternal sides of her family ... but, a few years ago, we found such a connection. We thank a distant Beckröge cousin for making the detailed facts available to us.

Buried deep in the recesses of her Gerken ancestors are a set of 6xGreat-Grandparents named Johann Dieterich Beckröge and Maria Bischoff (born: Bassen 1716) living in Walle. Deep in the recesses of her Rotermund ancestors are her 5xGreat-Grandparents Arend Mindermann and Marie Bischoff (born: Bassen 1742) living in Dannenberg on the moor. It turns out that Marie is the niece of Maria. Their grandparents/parents are the same couple: Lüder Bischoff (1667-1733) and Maria Block (1679-1750) of Bassen (near Achim). This means that Joan's parents were sixth cousins -- unfortunately, they never knew it because we learned of this only after both of their deaths. Therefore, in this website, Maria Bischoff (b 1716) and her ancestors are found in both the Gerken and Rotermund ancestries.


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