Ancestors of Gyula HESZLÉNYI (1872-1934)

József Osztróvsky in 1866

József Osztróvszky in 1866
Gyula Heszlenyi in 1912

Gyula Heszlényi on his arrival in the U.S. in 1912 --
orphaned at age 4, was raised by his maternal grandparents shown here.
Poldi Palásty in 1868

Leopoldina Palásty in 1868

Hungarian Notables

19th century Hungarian notables related to the Osztróvszky-Palásty family by marriage.
Istvan Vedres (1765-1830) Civil Engineer -- Gen. József Nagy Sandor (1804-1849) Martyred Hero -- Gábor Klauzel (1804-1866) Minister of Agriculture, Industry and Trade
Heszlenyi-Gojdina marriage 1913

Heszlényi-Gojdina marriage - 1913 in New York
Heszlenyi children 1921 and 1990

Heszlényi-Gojdina children - 1921 and 1990
Heszlenyi family in 1928

Heszlényi-Gojdina family at Van Cortlandt Park - 1928

For much greater detail about the life and times of József Osztróvszky (1818-1899) read the research report It's the Survivors Who Rebuild.

While much of this ancestry has been in-place for some years, recent findings about the origins of the Osztróvszky line in Slovakia are an important new addition provided here for the first time. Research continues, with good prospects for success in three areas: 1) the military career of Gyula Heszlényi, 2) further detail about the Osztróvszky family in 18th century Slovakia; and 3) the connections between the Gömöri and Pitnér families. Hopefully important new information can be presented in this website by the end of 2012.


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